• Frequently Asked Questions

    * How long do people float? How long will I be there?

    A session is one hour in length. You will typically be at our facility around an hour and half. Please feel free to wait around afterwards in our lounge to process your float and gather your bearings.

    * What should I wear?

    If you're comfortable, floating in the nude is preferred as it provides distraction free float. However, you may wear a loose-fitting bathing suit.

    * What should I bring?

    We have everything covered! Unless you require a hairbrush afterwards.. other than that, just bring yourself.

    * What if I am claustrophobic?

    No worries! Try our custom built Float Room. You will get the same experience but in the comfort of a larger room. If you're in a Float Pod, you may prop the lid open with your hand towel or we suggest leaving the lights on inside until you are comfortable and ready to experience sensory deprivation.

    * Will the lights stay on?

    Absolutely! You control them. The lights in the room are on a sensory and turn off automatically shut off within 3 minutes of you entering the Float Pod or Float Room.

    * Is there music?

    A normal float will consist of 5 minutes of music at the beginning of your float that gently fades to silence and fades back in at the last 5 minutes of your float. If you prefer, we can provide calm music the entire float.

    * Can I float while pregnant?

    YES! We encourage mothers to float as it can provide great relief to your back and a powerful experience between mother and future born. If you have any concerns, always consult with your physician first and get their professional opinion.

    * Can I fall asleep, will I drown?

    You can and it's the most refreshing sleep you'll ever have. As long as you don't fall asleep floating on your stomach, it's nearly impossible to turn over or sink due to the super buoyant water.

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