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This Guy is All of Us During Our First Float

Floatation therapy + Salt Cave - Waxhaw, NC

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Who doesn’t love a person who’s willing to share their internal dialogue about new things?

Our friend AmazingPhil tried FLOAT for the first time at Floatworks in London and had the experience of his life. The good news is, he shared his pre-thoughts, during thoughts, and post-thoughts on the experience. It’s safe to say that he is all of us before, during, and after our first float session :-)

What’s your first float session going to be like? We’ll let Phil tell you.

We should also mention, again, that this is why we say that you haven’t truly experienced the power of float after your first session. There is definitely some relaxation and deep, meditative rest that happens the first time, but it only gets better (and more powerful) from there.

The first float you learn what float IS.

The second float you understand what it IS and can relax into it.
The third float is when you'll truly begin to experience what it DOES.

Ready to book your first float? You can do that here!

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